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The City of Kankakee is divided into seven (7) wards divided as equally as possible according to population within each ward. Each ward is represented in City Council by two elected alderman. Alderman serve four year terms. [1]

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1st Ward

Ald. Gloria J. Kennedy (since 2015)

Ald. Cherry Malone-Marshall (since 2017)

The first ward encompasses the northern part of the downtown area, running roughly from Entrance Avenue eastward to Hobbie Avenue, then from Court Street northward to the Bradley village line. City Hall (soon to be the Public Safety Building), the Kankakee County Building, the Post Office and Bishop McNamara High School are all in the ward. The southern half of the ward is its business district, with Paramount Theatre on Schuyler Avenue a prominent feature. Mound Grove Cemetery and Armstrong World Inc. are in the northeast corner. The eastern portion of the ward is primarily residential, from Greenwood Avenue over to Hobbie Avenue.

2nd Ward

Ald. Michael O'Brien (since 2015)

Ald. Stacy Gall (since 2013)

The second ward entails the southern half of the heart of Kankakee’s downtown, straddling the river down to Jeffrey Street. The Depot, the Kankakee Public Library, the County Courthouse, St. Patrick's Church and the new City Hall (formerly the Kankakee Public Library) all lie in the second ward. The ward’s dense business corridor is on Schuyler Avenue, south of Court Street where the Arcade Building is found. The downtown financial district rests partially in the ward with National City Bank on the south side of Court Street, and Centrue and HomeStar banks across Station Street from each other. The eastern portion is mostly residential from Rosewood Avenue to Nelson. The majority portion of the Riverview Historic District rests in the second ward, including the Frank Lloyd Wright houses on South Harrison Avenue. The Riverview Historic District is boardered by Harrison Ave. on the west, River Street down to Eagle Street at Chicago on the north, Wildwood Ave. on the east, and Cobb Blvd. on the South. Only Wildwood Ave. lies outside the 2nd Ward. Former Illinois Governor George Ryan owns a home in this neighborhood.

3rd Ward

Ald. David Crawford (since 2015)

Ald. Larry A. Osenga (since 2009)

The third ward in nearly all residential, generally encompassing all of Kankakee west of the river. Notable neighborhoods include Gracefield (west of Curtis Avenue and south of Budd Blvd.) and the old Roper Neighborhood (roughly between Station and Calista Streets.) Small Memorial Park and the Kankakee Historical Museum are local landmarks on 8th Avenue. Riverside Medical Center anchors the central portion of the ward along Rt. 113. Bird Park is on the third ward’s eastern boarder along the river. Some residential development corporate annexation is occurring in the ward at its northern border along Rt. 113 and its southwest border near Gracefield.

4th Ward

Ald. Danita Grant Swanson (since 2003)

Ald. James A. Faford (since 2009)

The fourth ward incorporates those portions of the City south of the Kankakee River. The residential area straddles Jeffrey Street on the numbered streets 1st through 9th. Kankakee High School is also in this neighborhood. Further southeast is found Samuel H. Shapiro Developmental Center and then Kankakee Community College. An industrial park lies down Kensington Avenue. The fourth ward reaches down to the extensive economic development off exit 308 of Interstate 57. The 308 development includes Hilton’s Riverstone Convention Center, Walmart, and various chain eating establishments. The Greater Kankakee Airport forms more of the ward’s meandering pattern. The extreme southern region consists of the area originally annexed to accommodate a proposed City landfill.

5th Ward

Ald. Tyler Tall Sr. (since 2010)

Ald. Carmen Lewis (since 2017)

The fifth ward is defined by the area from the river on the west to the downtown zone on the east, then from Bradley on the north and the eastward bend of the river on the south. The ward encompasses the businesses of the west central Court Street area including Provena St. Mary’s Hospital and the Community Founcation of Kankakee River Valley. Other small merchants do business along 5th avenue and on Washington Avenue, including the much larger Jewel food store. Meadowview Shopping Center is in the north section of the ward, consisting of a Blockbuster Video, Meadowview Theatre, Ultra Foods and Volkman’s Jewelers among others. The central area of the ward is made up largely of residential neighborhoods. Some development is taking place at the northern edge of the 5th ward along the east bank of the river.

6th Ward

Ald. Dennis Baron (since 1987)

Ald. Christopher Curtis (since 2012)

The sixth ward is a mostly residential division in the eastern part of the city. Many of the well preserved historic homes of Kankakee’s founders are in the River District, including Emory Cobb. Beckman Park and part of Cobb park rest in the ward. The Kankakee Country Club is on the eastern edge. The Sunnyside Neighborhood runs from Maple Street on the east to Nelson on the west. Wildwood Ave. from Cobb Blvd. to Eagle street is the only portion of the Riverview Historic District in the 6th Ward. The remaining residential area is often referred to as “Upper Riverview”. The Boat Club, Water Plant, and Thomas Edison School are also in the sixth ward.

7th Ward

Ald. Fred Tetter (since 2013)

Ald. P. Carl Brown (since 2001)

The remaining eastern portion of the city, from Hobbie Avenue and Maple Street eastward to the City limits, makes up the seventh ward. The ward is evenly split between residential areas in the Marycrest neighborhood, businesses along east Court Street and industrial sites in the Eastgate Industrial Park and Northland Industrial Estates. Much of the City’s industrial recovery since the downturn of the 1980’s has taken place in Eastgate. The City continues to annex around this area. On the western edge of the ward are King Middle School and the Lincoln Cultural center. Kankakee Middle School and Mark Twain Primary are in the southeast corner formed by Court Street and Interstate 57. In the Northwest area is the Space Center (formerly the General Foods dog food plant). Grace Baptist Academy lies in the extreme southern portion on Maple Street.


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